Your home, smarter than ever

Discover all the ways you can benefit from a smarter home

your Smart Home at a Glance

We Smart your Security

Never forget your keys again. The smart lock allows you to remotely unlock and lock your door with the use of your smartphone. It is even able to open automatically when you get close to your door.


With the smart doorbell solution, you will never have to worry about unknown guests again. The doorbell is equipped with a built-in microphone and video camera which allows you to monitor your front door anywhere and anytime.


The smart cameras allow you to enjoy your time away from home without worry. With their built-in microphone and night-vision, they will surveil your home 24/7, whilst you enjoy your life.


Interconnected carbon monoxide detectors keep your house safe at all times. With their regular tests, to see if battery levels are still adequate, they are able to warn you whenever a battery change is needed. 

We Smart your Climate

Our smart thermostat adapts to your lifestyle and makes sure that you will always come home to a warm house. The dynamic temperature changes allows the thermostat to conserve energy whilst keeping your house at a comfortable temperature

We smart your wifi

Smart wifi points form together with your smart router an interconnected wifi-mesh, which allows your entire home to have access to fast internet. Furthermore, these points also come integrated with an Assistant, which can set alarms, read the news, play music and much more. 

we smart your lighting

Watching a movie late at night, but you forgot to turn off the living room lights? With smart lighting, this and many more problems are resolved. Dim or turn off the lights from anywhere using an app. Form groups of lights that will turn on, turn off, dim, and brighten in sync. Have your lights adapt to your daily routine through forming regimes.


Using motion sensors, lighting in your corridors can be automated in order to aid you at night and eliminate the need to find the light switch in the dark.

Supporting All Major Platforms

our services

Full Compatibility

Scoping, installation and making sure all devices play along nicely. We’ve got it all covered so you don’t have to worry.

Client Demos

Full demo sessions upon completion of the solution. We also provide interactive demos to homeowners in English or Dutch.

Solution Support

After delivering our smart home solution, we offer help with any issues the new homeowner may experience.

Custom Documentation

We provide in-depth documentation so you can read about any of your smart home devices and how they interact.